Commuter S

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Stylish, step-through mid-drive ebike. Perfect for city and leisure riding. Suitable for riders 5’2” to 6’2”

Ex-demos available in Brisbane and Melbourne. Please email for more detail. 

Battery Size: 36v 14Ah (500Wh)
Color: Light Grey

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The Bafang M420 motor equipped with 250w of power and 80Nm.

25km / hr

Speeds of up to 25km / hr as per Australian standard (EN 15194).


Up to 95km of battery range on one charge with 14Ah battery selection.

Commuter S

Bafang M420 Mid-drive motor

Smooth. Powerful. Efficient.

Equipped with the powerful, quiet and beautifully efficient Bafang M420. With a more natural riding feel, this durable, torque-sensored motor will move you comfortably around the city and effortlessly up the most intimidating suburban hills. Built to the Australian legal standard (EN 15194).

250w of power | 25km/h top speed | 80Nm torque

Enviolo City internal hub gears

Intelligent. Dependable Shifting.

There’s a reason why internal hubs are fitted to commuter bikes all over Europe - low and easy maintenance, reliability in all sorts of weather, convenient shifting and cleaner looks. And with the intelligent Enviolo variable transmission gear hub driving your Cleverley, you’ll be rolling with a hub chosen by the best and biggest brands in urban mobility.

310% ratio range | 160kg max gross vehicle weight

Removable Samsung cell battery

Ride far. Ride free.

As standard, all our bikes are fitted with a removable 36v 14Ah Samsung cell battery, taking you 40-95km on one charge.

14Ah for up to 95km of range

Tektro T285 hydraulic discs brakes

Consistent stopping power.

Carrying the extra weight of a battery and motor on an ebike means powerful and consistent braking performance is critical and all Cleverleys are fitted with some of the best in the business. Tektro's purpose-built brake system provides optimal stopping power in all weather conditions.

160mm rotors

Front and rear carrier racks as standard

Carry all the essentials.

Whether it is the work commute or a grocery run, our modular dual rack system found on the Commuter models will have you covered for carrying capacity. Additionally and unlike competitors, our front rack won’t shift as you steer, maintaining stability and safety.

*Front and rear carrier racks included as standard

25kg rear rack capacity | 10kg front rack capacity

Enviolo City Internal Hub

Effortlessly navigate the most demanding city and even rural scapes with the beautifully user-friendly, low-maintenance and long-lasting Enviolo City Hub.

Bafang M420

Beautifully silent but powerful 250w Bafang M20 mid-drive motor makes for a stunning and natural ride experience.

Removable Samsung battery

Discreetly integrated into the frame, or removable Samsung cell battery means you can charge on or off the bike. Equipped with a 14Ah (500Wh) capacity for up to 95km of range.

Powerful Tektro T285 Hydraulic Disc brakes

This set of high-quality of two-piston hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro deliver maximum stopping power in a neat package.

Product specification


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Rider suitability

Recommended for riders 5’2” to 6’4”. Supports up to 120kg in weight

Riding style

Comfortable, upright geometry. Step-through frame.

Wheel size


Total bike weight


Headtube angle

1. Seat tube 460 mm

2. Top tube 566 mm

3. Head tube 200 mm

4. Wheel base 1073 mm

5. Seat Post  300mm


71 degrees

Product specification


Give your customers useful information about your products and showcase differences between them.


Bafang Mid Drive M420 (250w | 80 Nm of torque)


Enviolo City Internal Hub (Stepless)


Bafang CW G332.1B 38T




Standard: Samsung 36v 14Ah (Range: 40-95km)

Charging time: 6 hours


Tektro T285 hydraulic discs

I bought our Cleverley for my wife with double kid chariot, so she could get our kids to day care and kindy when our car broke down. She absolutely loves it and I feel like it's changed her life. She is so much happier.

Jason J

Fantastic bike. Beautifully constructed and packaged.

Geoffrey H.

The Commuter S was the only ebike that ticked all my boxes; mid drive motor, internal hub gears and a sensible price. Since receiving delivery I have not been disappointed.


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